Customer prospecting script + smart tool = more sales

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Having a good customer prospecting script is important. In addition to ensuring the flow of work, it also allows you to get straight to the point and offer the customer exactly what they are looking for. strives to be Pakistan's biggest real estate developer ever, guaranteeing the highest international standards, prompt execution, and lifetime customer loyalty. For further detail visit

Of course, doing this over the internet is even more challenging, as it is necessary to overcome the lack of “eye to eye” and establish a relationship of trust.

On the other hand, the web has a series of fundamental potentialities for getting to know the customer in depth: a plateful to develop a roadmap for an approach that works , so that he cannot give up on the purchase.

With that in mind, we prepared this post that brings practical tips to build your prospecting script and explains how an intelligent tool can help in this online sales process. Check out!


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You will read about:

• Why is it so important to have a client prospecting script?

• How to make a good approach script to win the lead?

• How can a smart tool help?


Why is it so important to have a client prospecting script?

The technology and access to information are key issues to understand the importance of good customer prospecting script.

If, before the digital transformation , the customer depended 100% on the seller to know a product or service, today, cases in which he already arrives with

“readiness” for the business, as he previously researched on the internet everything he needed to know about that demand.

This movement made customers also more demanding, as they studied the product, analyzed the differentials and researched competitive prices before reaching you.

Therefore, you need to touch exactly the lead's pain point to demonstrate how much your solution will be able to solve his problem.

When you have a robotic script or based only on ctrl c + ctrl v, that doesn't happen.

How to make a good approach script to win the lead?

So let's go to the right tips to assemble your approach script and captivate the lead in the first contact.

Know your customer in depth

The first step in creating a foolproof customer prospecting script is to get to know the lead deeply and understand the difficulties it is facing.

Especially in B2B Marketing, there is no time to invest in solutions that cannot be immediately applied to the business and it is not known, for sure, if they will give results and what results they will be.

Therefore, if it is not clear to the customer how your solution will impact their work routine, the sale will not convert.

But you might be wondering how to be sure of that. The answer is guided by the following criteria: qualification of leads.

Segmenting your contact base is essential to know who on your list has real chances of buying and who ended up there without such a clear need.

This task is up to the Pre-Sales sector , which works with the aid of data analysis tools that detect the degree of maturity of each lead.

Therefore, if your company does not yet have a specific Pre-Sales sector, consider implementing it as soon as possible.

In a context of online sales, this sector becomes even more relevant, considering that the internet offers different means of filtering data, such as LinkedIn , where it is possible to find information such as the size of the company, the area of operation. and the purchase decision maker.

Take a humanized approach

With your list of suitably qualified leads in hand, it's time to sharpen your approach to earning customer trust.

If the context is unstable from an economic and social point of view - as, for example, at the time of the coronavirus pandemic - be careful not to appear disrespectful.

Find out the best time to talk to the lead and always ask if he is available for the conversation.

This care is even more important if you are making contact through a very personal channel, such as social networks or WhatsApp.

While these tools bring the parties involved together and allow for a more informal conversation, you should balance your tone so you don't lose authority on the subject or sound intrusive.

The ideal is to put together a script that is both fluid and personalized.

This means asking key questions that help the customer see the importance of your product in their context.

The human factor is a consequence of this dialogue, demonstrating that you care about offering a 100% compatible solution, that is, you are not interested in just selling for the sake of selling, but rather in delivering a solution that really makes sense for this lead.

Use the Spin Spelling method

The Spin Spelling is essential to conduct a humanized and consultative approach, being very useful also in the stage of qualification with pre-sales .

The script basically consists of dividing the questions into four groups. Are they:


It involves understanding the lead's context at that moment and gaining insights into what impacts your pain points the most. An example question in this context would be: Do you know where most of your company's leads come from today?


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