What is the difference between SEO and SEM in digital marketing?

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KIRTI SHARMA asked 13-Aug-2021 in Digital Marketing by KIRTI SHARMA

Difference between SEO and SEM

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Shriyam Srivastava answered 18 days ago by Shriyam Srivastava

Both SEO and SEM are the methods to get traffic to your website. The major difference between them is visibility and traffic. Let us note each difference one by one. 


the website is optimized and thus only organic or natural traffic is driven at the website. the traffic and visibility are both organic and paid regarding the optimization of the website
the non-paid methods are used for increasing SERPs paid methods are used for advertising and increasing referral traffic
it is done using keywords and backlinks 

it is done by both SEO and PPC (pay per click)

crawling and indexing by search engines are important to rank the websites higher bidding on a specific keyword is done and whoever bids the most, ranks the highest
interlinking site architecture is very important to be maintained cost per click is determined every time the advertisement is clicked 
long-tail keywords are used to obtain quick results  the search engines use Quality Score check to determine if your ad is compatible
high quality content writing is done to improve the quality of the website Ad Copywriting is the toughest method because it determines the quality of the ad 
a lot of time and effort is required and then too, the results are not deployed so fast quick results are obtained but if you stop paying, your traffic becomes zero.
Domain Authority is maintained and is very important to get visibility Domain Authority is required but it is not that important

If you want to go for non-paid optimization and advertisement of your website, you may opt for SEO. Otherwise, if you want quick results and high referral traffic, SEM is best for you. Choose as per your requirements and availability of staff.