What is the use of Wordpress?

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KIRTI SHARMA asked 12-Aug-2021 in Q&A categories by KIRTI SHARMA

What is the use of Wordpress?

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Shriyam Srivastava answered 26 days ago by Shriyam Srivastava

The most common misconception about WordPress is that it is just a blogging platform. It is not because it has evolved to become a powerful tool for website builders (domain) and content management systems. (CMS).

The reason why WordPress has grown so much in popularity is because of its ability to build powerful websites and customize them easily without any hassle. Almost 32% of all the websites on the internet are powered by WordPress.

  1. It is a free and flexible website builder. It is developed and classified specifically for individual purposes. Although it evolved, later on, to suit the business needs too.
  2. Its use is in the domain of real estate and property listing area.
  3. It is also helpful in building individual landing pages that are similar to the other sites.
  4. The application of WordPress involves static website creation through classified plugins, setup speed, and themes.
  5. Using its Article Directory Plugin, you can set up article repositories in WordPress-powered sites which accept the submission of articles.
  6. Using WP Link Directory Plugin, a web directory that involves consolidated site listings could be created. They are paid premium links.
  7. The application of WordPress is also useful in eCommerce websites. It gives plugins for large discounters, individual stores, self-publishing sites. Payment is also made easy by integrating payment sites like Google Checkout and PayPal. This helps in easy and cost-effective maintenance.
  8. The creator could build creative and dynamic portfolios with the help of WordPress plugins.
  9. It is a major social hub by its incorporation of social media sites. The posts, feeds, and updates from social handles are regularly updated on WordPress so that it becomes easy for the user to be up to date in his reach.
  10.  A powerful knowledge base is created which helps in maintaining customer relations. Building a knowledge base offers customer support and reduces support inquiries.
  11. The review box plugin is also embedded in WordPress for building review sites and short coding.

These are some of the defined uses of WordPress application. Earlier it was seen only as a blogging site but later on, it emerged to be one of the world’s most flexible and creative website builder application.