What to do if you are not sure about your career?

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What to do if you are not sure about your career? 

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What to do if you are not sure about your career?

Let us break the above question into some parts and then derive a conclusion

What does 'making a career' mean?
 Career is a well-known thing described as a profession that somebody trains in for a long time to ultimately earn a living out of it. It includes both the academics and the profession which we choose afterwards. Creating a career out of your life means choosing a field of academics and later, a profession in which you think you could be successful to earn a living. People spend a certain length of their life from time-to-time in training or learning certain things that have been certified/verified/proven to be categorised as academics. Later, they usually work towards getting a profession in the same direction.
If not, then they focus on what their hobbies & interests are to decide in which profession they are going to be. This process is known as 'making a career' in simple terms.

How to determine what is  right  for us?
Sometimes in life when we're not sure about the 'right' and the 'wrong' it means our mind clearly needs some indications to pursue a direction. A human being could not possibly be unmistaken at all times. To know what's right for us we have to be aware of what lies on the other side. What are the consequences of the things labelled as 'wrong'.  What to do if you are not sure about your career?
We do not need to have first-hand experiences of everything in order to decide what is wrong or right. Engaging in meaningful conversations with people who care about you, who have an expertise could lend you a lot of information. 

How do we know this is 'THE ONE'?
Which is the perfect career for me- Whenever you are facing any difficulty in life the first person you should run to lives in the mirror-YOU. Give yourself sometime, ask a few unrelated general questions about hobbies, consult other people having a compatibility with you. Don't rush into a particular decision.  Take some time-off from the daily routine. Engage in helpful activities like mindfulness and meditation, instead of distraction.
The key here is not to be distracted but to be aware. Try doing different things of varying nature...don't let anyone get into your mind by advising you anything. Your career is in your hands and cannot be determined by anyone else; because at the end of the day, you are the one who will make a living out of it by working whole day. 
What to do if you are not sure about your career?

Do what you love, think about what you do and then arrive at a conclusion. If you rush into making a decision, you will end up being unhappy or dissatisfied with your life. But if you take proper time off and take care of yourself, you would take pride in creating a wonderful life for yourself.

All the best!