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It is a common problem that people delete their important files while freeing up space. Sometimes, the users are forced to delete some files to create a free space for more vital files. Android devices are built with limited internal storage but after a certain time, it gets filled. From media to a small image file, everything can own a large amount of space in your Android internal storage.

People desperately seek ways to get rid of this irritating problem. Usually, they receive suggestions of deleting less important files & creating free spaces. But, this idea is ridiculous & temporary. Today, we’re here to show you how to free up space on Android without deleting anything. Keep reading to know the best ways to get rid of this problematic situation. 

We’re revealing the best ways to free up space on Android without deleting anything.  

Moving To SD Card

An SD card or memory card is common hardware to store memories. Every phone company builds its devices to permit at least one SD card. When you’re storing any kind of data, use an SD card instead of using a mobile’s ROM.

Besides, you can shift data from device memory to SD card. It’s simple. Just follow the steps provided below. 

Cache Cleaning

Cache data is temporary. Almost every Android software uses this stored or cache data for ensuring a better user experience. Cache data helps to run relative software but it is storage-hungry. Who wants to allot precious space for their device to cache data?  

Using Google Photos

Haven’t you heard about Google Photos? I guess you have. Then, why store pictures in a breakable device where you can save them on a secured server? But, the matter of concern is that Google isn’t providing unlimited space anymore. In the previous time, it was possible to store even a single screenshot secure. You’ll receive only 15 GB of space to collect your pictures. Have a look at the process of reserving your photos using Google Photos. 

Using Google Drive

Google Drive offers 15 GB of space for one specific Gmail account. It’s a cloud storage system offered by tech giant Google. If you want to take more space, you have to buy it.


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