8 tips to improve the quality of real estate videos?

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Surely you have already heard that YouTube is a great channel for promoting real estate. With that in mind, you went, opened an account, produced your videos and nothing; the return was much lower than expected. What you may not have heard is that it's not just any video that is successful, you need to master some basic tricks to ensure a good quality of your product, so that it really catches the attention of your target audience. See now how to record real estate videos with your smartphone and how to make the most of this excellent internet tool.

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1. Avoid recording with the smartphone held vertically

The realtor does not need sophisticated equipment to make quality videos , just a reasonable smartphone and some very simple tips. The first is to avoid recording with the device vertical: the image is narrow and with black sidebars. You may not lose in definition, but lose in angle, which is very important when showing your property. Except for some applications that are made to record in this position, such as Snapchat or Periscope, for example, try to make your videos for YouTube always with the smartphone horizontal.

2. Always prefer natural light, but don't shoot against the light

There's nothing like a beautiful day with plenty of natural light to make your videos more attractive – even if it's cloudy. Artificial light creates shadows that can make the property look weird, deforming visual perception a little. Likewise, never record against light, whether natural or artificial. Think about it, it's the same effect as looking directly at the sun or an incandescent light bulb; the image will be blurred and anything between the camera and the light source will be dark.

3. Use the rear camera

The front camera is the weakest on the smartphone, the one with the worst recording quality, so always choose to record with the rear camera. Yes, in that case, you won't be able to record yourself, but let's say the idea is not to take selfies, but to show the property, right? See below for some tips for recording selfie.

4. Be careful not to shake

It's normal for the arm to start to tire as the recording progresses, and then the image is all blurry. However, there is a special way to hold your smartphone: place it horizontally in the palm of your hand with your arm bent so that your elbow rests on your chest. The other arm can be used to give more support to what supports the cell phone.

You can also hold the phone with both hands and your elbows against your body, but you'll probably shiver when you pull one out to touch something. It is also common for the image to shake as the realtor walks around the property. In this case, the tip is to walk with your legs slightly bent, trying to maintain a constant height.

5. Keep the lens always clean

It sounds basic, but the truth is that the absolute majority of people just don't remember to clean their camera lens before they start shooting – and the result is a blurry, low-quality video that can interfere with even color enhancement. A small detail that can make a big difference.

6. Activate the framing grids

On several smartphone models it is possible to activate the framing grids, those squares that appear in the image, dividing the screen into three vertical and horizontal thirds, totaling nine squares. The center square should be used as a guide to frame the most interesting point in your footage, the one you most want to highlight.

7. Invest in cheap yet efficient accessories

One of them is the tabletop mini tripod, which also serves as a small selfie stick and can even be placed in a fixed place to make a selfie recording, for example. This is especially interesting when describing the property or recording content related to the real estate market. In this case, always remember not to look at the screen, but rather at the lens, that way whoever watches the video will have the feeling that you are looking them in the eye, talking directly to them. So you get a lot more engagement. There are several other accessories that can help your videos look even better, such as attachable lenses, motorized stabilizer, external microphone and filters, everything will depend on your investment availability.

8. Don't forget to:

Check the available memory space, battery life, if the zoom is enough for what you want or if you need to get closer to certain objects and even if you have everything really on the tip of your tongue. Make a simple edit, just cutting out the beginning and end and arranging the images in chronological order. Also don't make very long videos that instead of arresting you run the serious risk of tiring your audience. They should be a maximum of 3 minutes.

Organize the environment before recording, and if the property is still with residents, do not record in private environments. Make a simple but efficient script and, when speaking, try to be as natural as possible, with colloquial language, as if you were talking to a friend.

Now it's just a matter of sharing and continuing to add value to your dissemination.

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