What is Clock game at KidsZone?

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Anonymous User asked 02-Mar-2021 in MindStick Software by Anonymous User

What is Clock game at KidsZone?

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MindStick Software Pvt Ltd answered 06-Mar-2021 by MindStick Software Pvt Ltd

Clock Game is a FunZone game. These games helps enhance your little one's skills.

KidsZone is an e-learning portal of MindStick, makes the world of learning and interactive educational and fun games completely online which helps the children and their parents for preparing pre-kindergarten for a positive start to their school journey. KidsZone is dedicated to learning and fun on the internet completely for the children.

This portal is more convenient than a usual classroom learning. Children can learn at home, in the library or on vacation, this prevents children from having to stick to a schedule and allows them to carefully manage the pace of their own learning experience.


What is Clock game at KidsZone?