Does MindStick offer updates for their existing softwares?

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Shrikant Mishra asked 21-Jan-2021 in MindStick Software by Shrikant Mishra

Does MindStick offer updates for their existing software?

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MindStick Software Pvt Ltd answered 27 days ago by MindStick Software Pvt Ltd

Yes, definitely MindStick offer their user a regular update.

Software Update and maintenance is the process of restoring software with the most modern version of the same software. An upgrade is commonly a replacement of, software, or firmware with a unique or better version, in order to produce the software up-to-date or to improve its characteristics.

The 2 common upgradation of software (Products) refers to -


Some of the MindStick software are - 


Custom software update are characterized as -

  • Maintenance: Make the software bug free, responsive and easy to access by the clients.
  • Up-To-Date Upgradation: You will receive an up-to-date notification of the software update on the given date, with new features as committed.
  • Database Maintenance: We prepare the backup maintenance of the software.
  • Marketing: We maintain the marketing strategies, promote business & clients requirement.

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