How to sell any product on MindStick?

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Ethan Karla asked 15-Jan-2021 in MindStick Software by Ethan Karla

How to sell any product on MindStick? I have few and I want to sell them on MindStick. 
Let me know if MindStick offer such services?

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MindStick Software Pvt Ltd answered 10 days ago by MindStick Software Pvt Ltd

MindStick doesn't sell or purchase any products, MindStick only assist you in selling or purchasing products in a way of promoting, expanding and advertising them on our official page. 

If you have any business plan or you need to promote your business, then we are there to helps you in a wider range as possible. 

MindStick deals in Software Update and maintenance is the process of restoring software and its products with the most modern version of the same software and products. An upgrade is commonly a replacement of, software, or firmware with a unique or better version, in order to produce the software up-to-date or to improve its characteristics.

Some of the MindStick Products are -

How to sell any product on MindStick?

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