What are the prohibitions does article 23 states?

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Prohibitions stated in article twenty three. 

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Article twenty-three of the Indian Constitution involves the prohibition of traffic in human being and made labour.
Let's first discuss what does traffic in human beings include? 
Traffic in human beings has the following features :
  • Men, women and children are bought and sold by the traders
  • Devdasi System
  • Slavery 
  • Immortal traffic in women and children including prostitution
Now, what is trafficking? 
When human beings are bought and sold as material goods then trafficking in human beings takes place. Especially, young women, girls and even boys seem to be the victim of this type of malpractices taking place around us.
What are the prohibitions does article 23 states?
Under article 23 there are several prohibitions which guard the safety and security of citizens of India. They are :
Trafficking is termed as an illegal trade under this article. It means that if anyone founds to be participating in this practice will be penalized harshly. 
According to the law, there is a strict prohibition against trafficking in human beings, and the beggar and other identical forms of forced labour and if anyone goes against the law, then it would be regarded as a punishable offence. 

Although it provides that nothing in this article shall prevent the state from imposing compulsory service for public purposes and in imposing such service the State shall not discriminate any of them based on religion, race, caste, creed or class. This implies that nobody can be forced to provide labour or service against his will. This article has its application on both citizens and non-citizens.