What exactly is depression?

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What exactly is depression?

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What exactly is depression?

Depression is the major mental illness that most patients see. This problem is spread all over the world including India, which is a matter of concern for the world. 

According to research studies, India is the world's most depressed country, which means that most people suffer from depression.

About 6.5 percent of India's population suffers from depression, of which about 10.9 people commit suicide per lakh people. This is due to the lack of knowledge of the mental illness, which all people should try to overcome. This thing also applies to depression, so we decided to write this article so that people can get the necessary information related to depression. 

Depression refers to a mental illness in which a person feels lonely, depressed, etc. It is mainly associated with a mood disorder, which has an effect on one's thinking, behavior, behavior, etc. 

What are the symptoms of depression?

However, it is not easy for any person to recognize the symptoms of depression as it starts in a normal way, which takes serious form after some time.

Despite this, it is clear from studies on this that these 5 possible symptoms of depression can be. Feeling angry or nervous- The major symptom of depression is feeling angry or nervous. 

Usually, we all get angry sometimes, which is a natural thing, but when a person feels angry one moment and nervous the next, it is a sign of depression.

Being tensed - If a person feels very depressed, then he should not ignore it but should inform the psychologist. Since feeling depressed all the time is a sign of depression, there is a dire need for treatment.

Bordem in work - In such a situation, people get bored while doing any work, due to which their work does not yield the result as it should. 

Trouble concentrating- If a person has trouble focusing on something, he should seek medical help immediately as it may be a sign of mental illness such as depression. 

Feeling of weakness - Any mental disease starts with physical ability, which means that its symptoms first appear on the human body. This also applies to depression or depression because people feel very weak in it.

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Mediyaar Healthcare answered 30-Apr-2021 by Mediyaar Healthcare
Depression is an illness characterized by a prolonged low mood which affects the ability to carry out day to day activities. Depression has no single cause. It is often a combination of various factors. Whatever be the causes of depression, it is not just a state of mind alone. It is related to certain physical changes in the brain, and connected to an imbalance of a type of chemical called neurotransmitters.
It is now possible to treat depression with either a combination of psychological therapy and medication or separately with a high percentage of success. Research and studies in this field have found out new means and medical procedures which can effectively treat depression. Advanced anti depressant drugs, coupled with various forms of psychological therapy have proved to be very effective
For certain people medications and antidepressants provide relief over a period of time. However the best possible procedure to treat depression is by using a combination of drugs along with other alternate therapies including herbal, psychotic or relaxation techniques. Alternate therapies, including herbal remedies, to treat depression are becoming more and more popular. The most commonly used alternative medicine is Hypericum, an extract of a weedy plant called Hypericum Perforatum
Other alternate therapies like psychotherapy and electroconvulsive therapy are also effective methods to treat depression. Relaxation techniques offered by yoga, tai chi, and other stress reducing techniques can generate a positive result. They can be utilized as excellent supportive measures during the treatment period. For those who do not respond to currently existing depression therapies, a new therapy called deep brain stimulation may be an answer.
CRF or Cortico Tropin Factor which is found in the brain can aid people struggling with depression. The possibility of the brains own stress reaction system has been studied deeply and there is hope that a possible answer for depression lies in this area. New treatment procedures can be developed based on this finding.
It is true that for most people medications and antidepressants provide relief over a period of time. In spite of all these, it becomes imperative that the person should be kept busy with interesting activities to keep away boredom. Interaction with near and dear ones, group and family therapy are important aspects for producing best results from treatment and medications. 
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