What is going on with China and the US?

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What is going on with China and the US?

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Palak Anjum answered 02-Sep-2020 by Palak Anjum
Biggest question- Is America and China going to war? Will the corona virus be the biggest cause of fierce war between China and America? This question is because US President Donald Trump considered corona virus as a major attack on America, he said that corona virus is actually an attack on America.
Superpower America has come to its knees with China's corona virus. Apart from millions of infected and thousands of deaths, the US is also suffering from economic losses on a large scale. This is the reason why US President Trump's anger over China has reached the seventh sky.

President of America raging on China again
During a White House press conference President Trump made a big statement, saying, 'We were attacked. Corona was an attack, Corona was not the flu. Nobody ever saw anything like this. It was the last time in 1917'.

What does this statement of the President of America signify?
America is considering the corona virus as a conspiracy of China. The United States is looking at the Corona virus as China's weapon. America feels that China deliberately spread the corona virus to the world. America probably thinks that America was on China's target. So that this virus causes maximum destruction in America.

Trump's another attack after 'Chinese virus'

After this new statement of Trump, as we are speculating, if there is even a little truth in it, then assume that its results can be terrible. Because it is possible that when the situation prevails in America, then America starts planning an attack on China. Take revenge on the devastation caused by China in your country. Start a war against China.

And then it is very possible that after this a new problem will be faced by the world. It is very possible that after this a third world war could also be caused by a virus. Let me tell you, many times before US President Donald Trump has told Corona the Chinese virus. He has also hinted several times that if China has done this, then the result is going to be very bad.