what is new rules of lockdown 4 in uttar pradesh

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what is new rules of lockdown 4 in uttar pradesh

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Vaibhav Maniyar answered 23 days ago by Vaibhav Maniyar

UP lockdown four guidelines: Uttar Pradesh government has issued new guidelines for the fourth phase of lockdown starting from 18 May. The Yogi government has decided to give relief in lockdown this time as compared to earlier. The UP government has decided to give permission to open all shops and factories outside the red and containment zones. At the same time, the State Government's permission has been given to open all the shops in the rural area and outside the municipal area's container zone. In the new guideline, the state government has said that industrial units will have to follow face masks, face covers, social distancing, and caution should also be exercised using buses. In the directive issued by the state's chief secretary RK Tiwari, it has been said that all the domestic and international flights in the country will continue to be banned. Let us know where the Yogi government has relaxed the lockdown 4.0 and in which places the strictness has been maintained as before-

What are the rules and permissions?

  • All domestic and international flights (except medical emergencies), air ambulances, and travel for security authorized by the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • Metro Train Services.
  • All schools, colleges, educational/training institutes, etc. Permission can be given for online / distance education.
  • Hospitality services, except those used by health workers, police and government officials, or tourists, are stranded in lockdown or quarantined. Home delivery of food items will allow bus depots, canteens, etc. running at railway stations and airports and restaurants-restaurants.
  • All the cinema halls, shopping malls, gyms, swimming pools, entertainment parks, theatres, bars and auditoriums, assembly halls, and other places. The sports complex will open more stadiums, but permissions will not be given to the spectators.
Prohibition on all social, political, sports, entertainment, educational, cultural, religious, other collective activities.
All the religious places, places of worship will be closed for ordinary people. Religious processions will be banned entirely.

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Disha nagpal answered 23 days ago by Disha nagpal

what is new rules of lockdown 4 in uttar pradesh

After September 21 in Uttar Pradesh, a maximum of 100 people can attend the wedding ceremony and funeral. The same exemption will be available for political, cultural, and religious events. 

Apart from this, DMs will no longer be able to impose lockdown locally at the Containment Zone under Unlock-4. With this, the weekly bandh in the state from Friday night to Monday morning will continue.
The Uttar Pradesh government has issued guidelines regarding unlock-4 in the state on Sunday, more or less according to the guidelines of the central government. The lockdown will only be applicable in the Containment Zone till September 30.
All schools, colleges, and coaching institutes will remain closed till 30 September. From September 21, students of classes 9 to 12 in the area outside the Containment Zone will be able to go to the school college for consultation with teachers. In schools, 50 percent of teachers and staff can be called for online counseling.
All cinemas, swimming pools, amusement parks, theaters, auditoriums, and other such places will remain closed. Open-air theaters will be opened from September 21. There will be no restriction on the movement of persons and goods between the states and within the state.
Passenger trains, domestic air travel, and foreigners stranded abroad will be exempt. There will be strictness in the Containment Zone. The containment zone will have intensive contact tracing and
house to house surveillance. Except a medical emergency and supply of essential items, no person will be able to come in or go out.