What is the meaning of this slogan given by our Prime Minister Respected Modi ji? "Vocal for Local"

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Shrikant Mishra asked 27-Aug-2020 in Indian government by Shrikant Mishra
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On August 15, 2020, PM Modi Ji spoke in detail about the government's plan to make India self-reliant and urged the locals to go 'outspoken for the local' to help them...

What is the meaning of this slogan given by our Prime Minister Respected Modi ji? 'Vocal for Local'

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Palak Anjum answered 30-Aug-2020 by Palak Anjum

PM Modi's mantra: Become a vocal for local, know the meaning

PM Narendra Modi once again addressed the country today, but in a different way. Disappointing talk about the economy was happening for the last several days. But in the midst of this, PM Modi today presented completely new dreams about the economy and also told the way to fulfill them. Today Modi describe his thought  in one line and that line was to 'become a vocal for the local'. Modi clearly said that we have to learn to be proud of our goods, and also to praise them fiercely. With this, he also made a big announcement about the lockdown. He said that this time the fourth phase of lockdown will be completely new look, rules. Its country will be given full information before May 18. He explained in gestures that the government is in readiness to open the economy with lockdown. Along with this, he also announced an economic package of 20 lakh crore rupees.

 - This package is equivalent to 10 percent of India's GDP
- Various sections will get a support of 20 lakh crores
-2020 will give a new impetus to the country's development journey
-Land, Labor, Liquidity and Law will all be emphasized
-This package will benefit all types of small scale and industries
-This package is for the laborer and farmer who labors for the countrymen in every situation and season.
-This package will also provide relief to the middle class which pays tax for the country.

PM Modi: Local saved Corona from crisis
PM Modi said that this local has saved us during the Corona epidemic. This is the strength of the country, which we have to recognize. He said many things clearly, which if understood in point, can be said in this way.
- This crisis told us that how important is the local product and the local supply chain
- We have to promote local products, promote local economy.
-Local to become global
-Today, every Indian has to become a vocal for the local
- Not only to shop for local products, but also to market them