Are Chinese people happier with Modi government than their government

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Are Chinese people happier with Modi government than their government

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Almost half of the Chinese citizens around 50% population like PM Narendra Modi government, reveals Global Times survey
A survey conducted by Global Times, a mouthpiece of the Chinese government, has revealed that the majority of the Chinese are more happy with Prime Minister Narendra Modi`s government than their own leaders. According to the survey, almost 50% Chinese praised PM Modi`s government in India, while 50% people are in favour of Beijing.
The survey revealed that about 70% Chinese believe that anti-China sentiment has increased in India, while around 30% respondents said that the relations between Beijing and New Delhi will improve in the future. More than 9% respondents said that the improvement in ties between India and China will not last for long, while 25% said that the relations between two countries will remain strong for a long time.

Meanwhile, China’s largest technology company Huawei is trying to woo India by publishing big advertisements altogether major newspapers of India. The Chinese tech giant is trying to prove that its relation with India is extremely old and Huawei has always remained committed for the well-being of India.

It is to be noted that several Chinese companies face action by Indian government after Galwan incident, during which 20 Indian soldiers were martyred by Chinese troops in Eastern Ladakh. According to a report by the Financial Times, India wants to finish its relationship with Huawei and other Chinese companies during a phased manner. Though Indian government has not imposed a proper ban, but telecom companies operating in India are asked to prevent using Chinese equipment.

It is to be noted that Huawei is already facing an entire ban within the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand has also imposed a partial ban on the Chinese company. Huawei CFO Meng Wenzhou is facing extradition proceedings in Canada and therefore the US is seeking his custody over alleged violations of Iran sanctions. Canada and China are busy during a diplomatic war and Huawei has is caught within the crossfire. This also of the reasons why Huawei is trying to protect its business interests in India.