how to increase website traffic through social media

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Anonymous User asked 23-Aug-2020 in Web Application by Anonymous User

how to increase website traffic through social media

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Rahul Roi answered 28-Oct-2020 by Rahul Roi

How to increase website traffic through social media ? Answer is pretty simple 

Engagement : Social media platforms are designed to engage and interact , engaging with your audience helps you to know their opinion towards your brand and helps to build customer assurance 

Updating and keeping your profile upto date : It's not just about creating a profile , it's about managing it . Make you profile look attractive , post a dynamic bio and keep posting interesting stuff related to your brand . That will attract users. 

Make yourself standoff : Everyone does advertising by listing their pros , however try posting some creative and catchy copywriting . For example nike , everyone knows nike with a pretty simple but catchy tag line that is just do it.  So try to win your customers by creativity . 

ADs : nowadays social media provides you to promote your brand through ads , don't hesitate in trying them especially insta and twitter 

Following these simple tips can help you to grow your business.