why government employees are lazy?

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Disha nagpal asked 19-Aug-2020 in History, Politics & Society by Disha nagpal

why government employees are lazy

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Disha nagpal answered 20-Aug-2020 by Disha nagpal

why government employees are lazy?

If people accuse then something will be true. This is a bigger truth than that government employees are lazy but have become so insolent that they do not care, you tell them anything. Exactly like a brash cow who will give milk but after getting beaten by a stick. 

Now the question is, how did it become so thick-skinned that is why are they so lazy ?
Our governments have never paid attention to how our government employees are working; instead, the bureaucracy has come to dominate these politicians.

The work of the government employees was never linked to their performance, just the promotion on the basis of seniority and service period.

The computer arrived in the country many decades ago, but poor government employees were not told about it properly. There was a time when an employee was asked to lose a computer window, he would open the office (office) window. Some are still afraid of touching the computer.

Globalization and privatization were noticed, but government departments were completely ignored. Even today, it seems to go to a tehsil or registry office, which has come in the 19th century. Now if the working premises is like this, then the thinking will be from the new place.

Due to a lack of proper training and working for years, middle-aged cows have to be transported till they reach the age of 60 as per school certificate. It would have been better if they had been encouraged for voluntary retirement from time to time by paying a respectable amount.

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Palak Anjum answered 20-Aug-2020 by Palak Anjum

why government employees are lazy?

I know this does not apply to all Government Employees because my mother is a government teacher and she is very hardworking she wake up early in the morning prepare breakfast and lunch for us then go to school and she deal with the children who even don’t know how to talk with the people...However in my experience dealing with government employees it seems that most wouldn’t make it in the private sector... I think the following from a government employee proves my point...

“it is believed that the government employees are lazy. This is a fairly accurate assumption. While not true for each and every employee, it is correct for most of them. When you become employed by the government of your country, what usually happens is you become part of a union or a team. I know this is a good thing for any employee, because from this point on, he or she has job security. As long as you do not do something vastly stupid, chances are you will never be fired. Lectured, yes. A bad mark on your permanent record, perhaps. Pressured to quit, certainly. But if you have courage and balls, then you have a job for the rest of your life. As soon as you get comfortable, the indolent begins. Hour lunches become hour and a half lunches. Work starts at 10:00 AM, but if you get here 10:30 AM, you're still on time. Go figure. And best of all, you get "wash up" time which means that at 5:50 PM every day you are excused to go "wash up", which means you get to free and get on the T early, as opposed to the rest of the other poor jerks working around Government Center who get out at 6:00 PM. What do you think that the government employees are leaving early as you see them running out of City Hall at this time, but in fact, the people who are leaving early are already home because they left anywhere around 5:30 PM. So counting smoking breaks (which you learn to take even if you don't smoke), regularly scheduled 20-minute breaks, getting in late, leaving early, extended lunch, and of course a mess of people around the water cooler... the average employee may work approximately four hours, while being paid for seven. This is the epitome of being lazy.

Lastly, resentment. I do assumed some people are worried of the so called high life that the government employees take advantage of. Lack of people try to get one of these positions, but usually people get promoted from within. Unless you are related to someone, or did wrong things which is not acceptable by the society or your family too, your chances of getting a job here are slim to none. And no... I didn't do these types of silly things to get my job, it is my hard work behind my success . Half assessed is standard around here. You will get a less amount of power to bully the average citizens. As all say, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This all involvement to the bitter and lordly attitude of the government employee.

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Shrikant Mishra answered 23-Aug-2020 by Shrikant Mishra
Government employees are damn lazy because they do not want to work for the nation and they just earn bread for themselves. They are nasty, money-sucking people who have sold theirs to their masters - the states and central government.
I used to visit a government office frequently and the clerk there was not processing my paperwork file despite of me giving him a slice of cash bribe but he again demanded more money which was not feasible for me to give. In the end, we had a quarrel and he had to do it.