Will working at a computer all days make me blind

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Will working at a computer all days make me blind

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Will working at a computer all days make me blind

Obviously it is not advisable to use a computer all day still If we take it a hypothetical state then it may or may not make you blind depending upon the particular case of a person. It is very important to take care of the eyes, but in this digital world, it is difficult to do many things without looking at the computer screen, but by adopting some methods, you can save the eyesight from the computer screen light by adopting it. 

How to protect eyes from computer screen light 

Normally, you should treat the eyesight only by a doctor. Do not use any home remedies without doctor's advice. 

1. Keep the computer screen 18 to 20 inches away from the eyes 

When working on a computer or laptop, keep in mind that the distance between the computer and your eyes is 20 inches apart, it is better to wear glasses with anti-glare filters. 

Due to this, the brightness coming from the computer screen will stop hitting your glasses, if you work continuously on the computer then it is very important for you. 

2. Sit in front of the computer correctly 

As far as possible, try to make sure that the computer monitor is not lowered by any light, as well as the upper part of the screen is equal to your eyes. Do not put the computer screen up or down. 

For which position to sit in front of the computer, for this you can understand by looking at this infographic, the screen of the computer should look towards your bottom. 

 3. Exercise the eyes 

By exercising the eyes, the muscles of the eyes become flexible and they have increased blood care and eyesight. Regular exercise reduces eye strain and increases concentration. 

There are many types of eye exercises as described here. 

Rotate the eye pupils clockwise for a few seconds. 

Rotate the eyes counter-clockwise for a few seconds.

Do this process 4 times.

Also, blink the eyes after every turn.