is Air India sent termination letter to 48 pilots

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Is Air India sent termination letter to 48 pilots

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is Air India sent termination letter to 48 pilots

The government airline company Air India on 13th August 2020 dismissed 48 pilots. These are the pilots who resigned last year but according to the rules, they also withdrew their resignations within the notice period of six months. They were given the responsibility to fly Airbus 320 aircraft of the airline. 

The decision to withdraw the resignation of these pilots was first approved but this decision was abruptly canceled on Thursday night. Also, his service has been terminated with immediate effect.
In Termination Letter, Air India cited financial constraints and the impact of the Covid-19 on the company's functioning for the decision. The Termination Letter stated, 'Due to Kovid, operations are currently limited and are likely to grow in the near future Is not. The company is incurring huge net loss and does not have the financial capacity to pay. " 
The surprising thing is that some of the terminated pilots also flew on Friday. While after being terminated, their mental state can be estimated. 
The Indian Commercial Pilots Association (ICPA) has now written a letter to Air India Chairman and MD Rajiv Bansal. In this, there has been a demand for immediate intervention against terminating pilots illegally.
The pilots who have been terminated withdrew their resignations by July 2019. He resigned due to non-payment of salary allowances on time. But then essentially the resignation was withdrawn within the six-month notice period and this decision was also accepted. Now they are preparing to go to the Patlat Court.