how much Money was deposited in PM Cares Fund

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how much Money was deposited in PM Cares Fund

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how much Money  was deposited in PM Cares Fund

Amid the controversy surrounding the PM Cares Fund, some questions have been answered on its official website. In which it is told how much money is collected in it and where it has been used.

During the year 2020-21 , Rs 3076.62 crore was collected in this fund. Last year, 39.68 lakh rupees of foreign currency came to this fund. 

With the help of 2000 crores rupees, 50 thousand ventilators made in India were distributed in government hospitals of the country.  1 thousand crore rupees on migrant laborers was spent.  100 crore rupees was given for making vaccine 
On some occasions, the Prime Minister's Office refused to give details of donations and donors under Right to Information (RTI) and said that the fund is not a public authority under the RTI Act. Publicly announced donations include Rs 1,000 crore from public sector oil and gas companies, 500 crores from defense ministry and armed forces employees, 500 crore each from Tata group and Reliance Industries.