what is communalism in india?

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what is communalism in india

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what is communalism in india?

Communalism is an ideology according to which a society is divided into different religious communities with different interests. Communalism refers to the narrow mindset which values ​​the spirit of promoting and protecting the interests of one's individual religion only against the larger interests of the whole society and nation in the name of religion and sect. 

The enmity against people of one community or religion against another community or religion is expressed as communalism.

It represents an ideology in which political interests are served by grounding communalism and in which incidents of communal violence occur as a specific result of communal ideology.

Communalism has both negative and positive sides.

The positive side of communalism involves the social and economic efforts made by an individual to uplift his community.

On the other hand, its downside is seen as an ideology that emphasizes a religious identity different from other groups, which tends to cater to one's own interests before ignoring the interests of other groups.

India was partitioned in the year 1947. Although this partition took place after independence, while social, political reasons were mainly responsible for laying the groundwork, communal reasons were also parallel. 

This order of politics on the basis of communalism did not stop here, but is present in Indian society and politics even after independence.

In the present scenario, no single reason can be held solely responsible for the origin of communalism, but it has become a mixed form of various causes. 

At present, communalism is resorted to by various political parties to fulfill their political benefits. Communalism of politics as a process promotes communalism in India as well as increases the intensity of communal violence in the country.