what is minority

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what is minority

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The word minority has come from Sanskrit, which means little (or less) in number. This composite word means to be less in number than other groups. In India  It is mainly of two types - linguistic and religious. Although there is no word 'minority' mentioned in the Indian constitution still there is a separate ministry for minorities in India.

Religious minority 

The religion of which there is less number of believers in the population of a country, province or region, that religion is called minority religion and its followers are called religious minority. There is a possibility of discrimination with religious minorities.

Linguistic minority

Linguistic minority - A linguistic minority is a group of people whose mother tongue is different from the main or major language of that state. The state has the right to declare any group as a linguistic minority. The state gives linguistic minority status for their social and economic development. Which is required by the constitution of that state.

There is a system of institution / unit / officer for the rights and protection of linguistic minorities in different countries. Indian context - There is a provision to appoint special officers by the Constitution for the development of linguistic minorities in India. The office for Special Officer was established by the Indian Constitution in 1957, named the Commissioner, the Commissioner is appointed by the President.

The task and purpose of the commissioner is to research the security and development of linguistic minorities and report these works to the President. Its goal is to strengthen their participation in the dynamics of the nation by giving linguistic minorities equal opportunities with society. Constitutional provisions - Part 17, Article 350B of Indian Constitution has been added.