how to develop self confidence

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how to develop self confidence

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Adriana Michele answered 5 days ago by Adriana Michele

Confidence means "Believe in Yourself". Self-confidence is as important in our life as a fragrance in a flower. Without self-confidence, our life becomes like a living corpse.

No matter how talented a person is, he cannot do anything without confidence. Self-confidence is the foundation of success, due to lack of self-confidence a person doubts the work done by him and gets caught in the web of negative thoughts.

Self Confidence is with the person who is satisfied with themselves and who has strong determination, hard work, focus, courage, commitment, Commitment, etc. Sanskar wealth It happens.

Tips to Improve Self Confidence

-Believe in yourself (Believe in Yourself), make goals (Make SMART goals), and commit to fulfilling them. When you meet the Goals you have made, it increases your self-confidence many times.

-Create goals (S.M.A.R.T. Goal) that you can achieve (Achievable and Realistic Goals). Because when you make such a goal (TARGET) which you cannot fulfill, then it reduces your self-confidence and your confidence in yourself decreases.

- Measurable (measurable)
- Achievable (to be obtained),
- Realistic
-Time-Bound (to be completed within the specified time limit)

-Be Happy, Motivate Yourself, Don't be unhappy with Failure and learn from it because "Experience always comes from bad experience"

- Always do easy work first and hard work later. Because when you do easy tasks first, then the pressure decreases and confidence increases due to which difficult tasks also become easy.

-Think Positive, be polite, and start the day with a good attitude (starting the day with a positive attitude).
- Nothing is impossible in this world . The biggest enemy of self-confidence is the "fear" of failure in doing any task and if fear is to be removed, then do the task in which you are afraid.