who is the man filed case against Vikas Dubey

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who is the man filed case against Vikas Dubey

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Infamous gangster Vikas Dubey only got killed in police encounter thanks to Rahul Tiwari. Rahul Tiwari is the person who had filed a case against Vikas Dubey. He had filed the complaint but since his life was under threat he moved into hiding in order to protect himself from Vikas Dubey gang. After the gangster was killed he returned home on 15th July.

Rahul Tiwari said that the development of the land of his in-laws was not made by Dubey. He was returning home on a motorcycle on 27 June. On the way, Vikas Gurgo took away the motorcycle and money. 

After this, he lodged an FIR IN the police station. On 1 July, SO Vinay Tiwari said that, let's investigate the matter. After this he went to the venue with them. After this, he reached Bikaru with him. There, Vikas Dubey's goons beated him up and put a rifle on his chest. 

He told that after this Vikas Dubey interrogated him and gave him a car. After this, he had got scared that he will kill us tomorrow. After this,he came here to the senior police official. From here he was sent to the police station, SO wrote an application in the police station and after that the police went to take action. On the night of 2 July, 8 policemen were killed. 

He told that after the incident he was in panic and he switched off the mobile. That is why it disappeared. After the encounter, he reached to the SP of police and then the SP arranged a gunner for him after which he had reached village. 

Rahul Tiwari, the man who burnt the bugle against the infamous Vikas Dubey, was missing for the last 12 days. It was Rahul Tiwari who wrote a report against Vikas Dubey at Chaubepur police station on June 30. On which the police went to pressure and 8 policemen were martyred in that encounter. On 9 July, police in Ujjain, after the incident of Chaubepur in Kanpur, Vikas Dubey was killed by UP STF (Special Task Force) in an encounter near Kanpur on 10 July.