what is best way to study

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what is best way to study

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In order to determine the best way to study here are some effective habits for students, by adopting which they can definitely increase their score and start an academic career.

You need enough time and the right place to study because your study time and reading space can bring big changes to you. And students who do not follow this rule are worried about homework while studying and they never know when and where they should study.

Rather they do not even know that they have other time to do the assignment or homework. By determining the time and place of reading, you will not have any worries while studying and you will be able to study with an open mind.

Set the mood 

Only you know what work you have to do. Can you do any work in light background music? Or if you have food before you start?

According to me, you can study well in the morning and classes only. It is possible that you are also a night owl whose brain works well between 1 and 3 at night.

It doesn't matter how your mood is, rather it matters how honest you are about your work and how much you desire to work.

Try to find an exercise group 

When you are successful in finding the right study group, you easily solve difficult topics and course material easily. 

Participate in class discussion whenever possible 

If there is a question in mind, it should be asked, here I mean that if you participate in class discussion, then you pay attention to what other people are saying.

Take a rest
Taking enough time to plan is one of the important qualifications found in a student. For the history test, do not start your week with a very long goal - rather divide your goal into small parts.

If history is tested then make a calendar of it. For example, every day you can read history from 1 to 3 o'clock, by doing this you will not need to read history continuously for weeks.

Don't be shy to take help

Initially or later every student goes through a situation when he needs someone's help. Because some subjects start going above the head of the student, which mainly includes mathematics, many students keep working in such times.

But even then, if you do not understand, you get angry and angry, but if you seek help from someone, then you will not need to be angry.

If those whom you asked the question do not know the answer or solution, then you can take help from anyone else, you should not be shy at all while seeking help. Because by taking the help of someone, you can also overcome the internal dilemmas of your mind.

Time management

This is not the time you spent studying. Rather, it is the time that you have achieved in that time. Spending 40 hours studying the exam and getting only a C grade, in the end, means that you are wasting your time in vain.
That is why you need to develop your study plan and use the time properly, only then you can get better results.