Recommendation for B2B Platform ?

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Chris Albert asked 15-Jul-2020 in Technology by Chris Albert
I am willing to work on several b2b business platform for my some of ecommerce project little confuse what to start from for store?

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Anonymous User answered 01-Sep-2020 by Anonymous User

B2B Business- B2B means business-to-business, which means a model that focuses on selling products and services to other companies. Here one company provides services to other companies.

An excellent example to explain the B2B market is automobile and engineering. For a motorcycle, the tires, hoses, batteries, and electronics essential to the final product – the vehicle – are often manufactured by separate companies. And all those different parts are sold to a company that assembles the parts.
The research found that 74% of B2B buyers use the Internet to research more than half of those online buyers. They estimate that by 2018, that percentage will nearly double to 56%.
Some of the advantages of B2B portal are-
Speed Payment- with secure payment gateways, it's easy for buyers to make purchases, you get paid immediately and confidently.
Enable self-service- you have a website, and people search for what they want from the online store. 
Gather Valuable Data- With a B2B online portal, you get an accessible insight into your Business and monitor customer behavior.
Gain New Customers - Your happiest clients will recommend you to their other clients and business partners, making your customer base strong.


Transaction Fees- B2B portals tend to charge high-value transaction fees; thus, it can take a big chunk of your revenues.
Lack of flexibility- These large B2B portals don't make it easy to offer volume, discounts, special pricing, or custom payment amounts for their clients.
Lack of privacy- Most businesses don't want their pricing to be visible to all. They are concerned about exposing their pricing structure as they wish to break different customers with different quotes.

ECommerce Platform

The eCommerce platform allows businesses to create and manage their site.
There are hundreds of eCommerce platforms such as BuildaBazaar, Shopify, Volusion, BigCommerce. They provide you with specific tools and services that a merchant can use to build up the eCommerce store.
Some basic features offered by these eCommerce platforms are-
Get the customized look and feel for your store, as it allows you to create unlimited pages to showcase your products. With powerful widgets, the addition of banners, images, and content on web pages gets easy.

Get customers from all over the world. With the best social media tool integration, share information about your store on Facebook and Twitter. The tools allow you to engage your customers using social sharing features like Facebook and google+.

For selling online, it is mandatory to make a prominent Social network. Attract your customers on social networks. Share all the information about your store on Facebook and Twitter.
Get Support for Payment Gateway Integration. Collect online payment using credit, debit cards, and net banking. eCommerce platforms support integration with many domestic and international payment gateways.
Give your customers a more extensive range of product selection. Offer a more considerable choice of products to your customers by adding more extensive products from CMS.
A platform to flourish your Business, the SaaS platform ensures that you get a robust, scalable, and high-performance online store without worrying about any further updates in the system.
An SEO Friendly, Online Marketing for Your Business
You can quickly increase the traffic to your store by running online marketing campaigns; eCommerce platforms feature many optimizations to enhance search engine rankings and the store's discoverability. Highlight your store with keywords matching the products and brands.
The features may vary with the type of subscription plan you opt for from an eCommerce platform. These were some of the essential services provided by the eCommerce platform.