difference between cv and resume

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difference between cv and resume

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Whenever you go to find a job, first of all, you need a resume or CV. Resumes have written about your education, life, achievements, etc. But do you know that some people call resumes for jobs, then some people ask you to bring a CV.

In such a situation, most of the candidates do not know the difference between resumes and CVs and they take away the resumes instead of CVs or CVs instead of resumes. Due to which the chances of their job are reduced. So today we are going to tell you the difference between resume and CV. 

Actually, both resumes and CVs are different, although both have written about you, due to which people do not understand the difference between them. If you are asked to submit a resume or CV in a job, then you should know what is the demand for the job you are applying for and what to give. 


Whenever you are applying for a job and if you have been asked to submit a resume, it means that the resume is the format in which it is written about you in short. Resumes are viewed only with cursory view, so whatever is written about you in this is in short. In fact, resumes are the route leading to the job interview which is mostly sent by email.

Therefore everything in the resume is kept in short, in it is written about your skills and qualification and about the specialization in your field. The resume tells the recruiter about your experience and the qualifications given for that job. The resume is only of one or two pages. It is not necessary to write only the necessary things in the resume, it should be written about every job, award and achievements. Resumes are just a way to reach that job's interview and you are asked for CV during the interview, not the resume.


CV means Curriculum Vitae It is made up of Latin words which means 'Course of Life'. CV always tells about you in detail and its length is from 2 to 3 pages, sometimes it can be of 4 pages but not more than that. The CV contains all the details you have so far, such as a list of skills, all the jobs and positions that have been written so far, about degrees and specializations.

In the CV, you can also write about the achievements of your life, as well as your contribution and achievements in the work done till now. CV is always sought during interviews so that everything about you can be known. CVs are mostly sought from fresher candidates because they are not known to most of the jobs.