which social media app Google has launched new?

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which social media app Google has launched new 

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Google is one of the biggest tech giants in the world. Back in June 2020 it had launched it's very own app Sodar which was released in the market.

Google has also taken a new step towards fighting this epidemic. Google has introduced a new tool, named Sodar tool. With the help of this tool, Android smartphone users will be able to keep a distance from other people. 

Google has developed the Sodar tool for Android users in view of the coronavirus epidemic, which will be available in the Android smartphone user's camera. This tool in the camera will make you a circle with a center, whose radius will be 2 meters or 6.5 feet. 
The parameter of this tool has been determined to keep in view the social distancing. Apart from this, the same type of technology has been included in this tool, which you find in smartphone games like Pokemon Go.
This circle will move along with the user, in which the smartphone i.e. users will be located in the middle. As soon as you are in the infected realm, this tool immediately gives you a visual warning. According to the California-based Internet firm, the Sodar tool works on Android smartphones via the Google-built Chrome browser, which supports the Reality.