Will the US Chinese app close Tik Tok?

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Will the US Chinese app close Tik Tok

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Will the US Chinese app close Tik Tok?

After India, now the Chinese app can be banned in USA also. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has indicated this. He said in an interview on Monday that all of China's social media apps, including TikTok, are seriously thinking about banning the app.

This statement from the United States, on the 29th of June, amidst tension in China, India had banned 59 Chinese app including TikTok. The government said that user information is being obtained through these apps, they are a threat to the security of the country. Communications Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad called the decision a digital strike on China.

Pompeo was right about this decision of India. The app arrived 6 days after the action in India. A Chinese app like TickTock has also exposed the threat to national security. There is also tension between the US-China on the issue of Corona and Hong Kong.
The United States is the second major market for TikTok outside China. There are 4.54 crore users of TikTok right now, till 2019 there were 3.96 crore. On the other hand, Ticketock in India was growing rapidly. TicketLock had 11.93 crore users in India by 2019, by June this year it had grown to around 20 crore.
China's video-sharing app Ticketock has said that it will be out of Hong Kong's business in a few days TikTok has taken this decision after the new security law came into force in Hong Kong. Now TikTok which is owned by Bytedance has decided to sue the Trump administration after it signed the 7th August executive order of banning thr a as it violates the national emergency povisions.