what is the meaning of quarantine

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Aditya Kumar Patel asked 25 days ago in Health by Aditya Kumar Patel
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in this time who is founded covid positive he must be quarantine so my question is what is the meaning of quarantine

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Disha nagpal answered 21 days ago by Disha nagpal
To avoid the havoc of the corona, the trend of the word 'quarantine is becoming faster'. Quarantine actually means seclusion, that is, to separate oneself from others, to disconnect oneself from everyone.
If someone isolates himself at home in fear of corona infection, it is called home quarantine centers that have also been built by the government, where suspected infected people of Corona are kept. The quarantine period has been fixed for 14 days as it takes up to 14 days for the symptoms of coronavirus to be revealed.
Who should do home quarantine?
  • People who have come from a country infected with the coronavirus
  • People whose relatives have been found to be corona positive 
  • People who have come in contact with corona positive people
First, people who have returned from a country where the coronavirus infection has occurred. There should also be a quarantine of those whose close or relatives have been found to be corona positive. Such people who have come in contact with known and unknown corona positive people also need to quarantine. If any of these three conditions apply to a person, then there is a dire need to quarantine or home quarantine.
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Thanks for the useful information. It is really interesting