Explain how we control our anger?

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Anonymous User asked 17-Feb-2020 in Health by Anonymous User

Describe all the possible ways of controlling our anger in the situation.

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Hindi Sansar answered 04-May-2020 by Hindi Sansar

Yes, you can control your anger very well. Please read this article How to control anger and anxiety?

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sakshi jangid answered 24-Aug-2020 by sakshi jangid

you can control your anger very easily. you need to just keep calm. 

1. Do exercise or yoga on a daily basis. It helps you to understand yourself.

2. Do Meditation, it will connect you with your soul.

3. If you are getting angry then close your eyes for 2 minutes and remember your loved once.

4. Don't speak a single word if you are angry.

5. Do what makes you happy and Be happy in every situation.