Harmful effects of using Air Conditioner?

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describe all the harmful effects of using air conditioners (AC).

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Harmful effects of using Air Conditioner?

The intense warmth of summer has made us enamored with forced air systems (ACs) more than ever. During summer, AC is all over. From our workplaces to our vehicles and each room in our home, we are most likely consistently in AC inside. At the point when temperatures reach as high as 45 degrees, AC turns out to be to a greater extent a need than an extravagance. In any case, did you realize that remaining in AC for delayed timeframes can have some reactions which you should keep an eye out for. Regardless of how agreeable it gets, remaining in AC throughout the day, throughout the night can have some unsafe and horrendous consequences for your body.

Dry Eyes
On the off chance that you as of now have dry eyes, remaining in AC for a really long time can decline side effects. Dry eyes will feel increasingly bothersome and disturbed on the off chance that you have dry eyes. Individuals with dry eye condition ought to lean toward not remaining in AC for a really long time.

Dry Skin

Dry and bothersome skin can be a typical marvel in individuals who sit in AC inside for a really long time. Over the top introduction to AC alongside sun presentation can make the skin dry and irritated. Your skin may come back to typical following a couple of long periods of being outside, yet dry skin may really remain for longer than expected.

Lack of hydration
Paces of lack of hydration are higher in rooms with AC when contrasted with different rooms. On the off chance that the AC sucks a lot of stickiness from the room, you will wind up feeling got dried out. Think about when AC is set at a low temperature and you're feeling excessively cold and want to drink water.

Respiratory issues

Remaining in AC for a drawn out timeframe can cause respiratory issues in nose, throat and eyes. You may encounter dry throat, rhinitis and nasal blockage. Rhinitis is a condition which causes aggravation of the mucous layer of the nose. It is cause by a viral contamination or by an unfavorably susceptible response.


Air conditioning can exacerbate conditions in individuals who have asthma or hypersensitivities. Among the individuals who are touchy, staying inside can help as it gets them far from different toxins. Be that as it may, others may really encounter the inverse. On the off chance that your AC isn't appropriately cleaned and kept up, it can build dangers of triggers which can exacerbate asthma and sensitivities.

Cerebral pains

Being dried out on account of AC can cause cerebral pains and headaches. Lack of hydration is a trigger which is frequently disregarded with regards to headaches. At the point when you step all through AC rooms or go in the warmth outside out of nowhere in the wake of being in AC for a really long time, there are chances that you may get a cerebral pain. Likewise in instances of AC rooms which are not looked after appropriately, you are progressively inclined to cerebral pains and headaches.

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Air conditioners can also have side effects, headache, fatigue and allergic reactions.
Use of air conditioner has many side effects, many health problems can also be revealed.
Air conditioners are used to get relief during the summer season. It has become an important part of modern lifestyle. Schools, colleges, cinemas, malls, offices and all houses have also become air conditioned. Anyone who can afford the air conditioner does not delay its use at all. But do you know that while AC provides relief in the heat, it also causes many problems. Every resource that facilitates life has some side effect. It is the same with air conditioners. There are many side effects from its use, many health problems can also be revealed. Let us tell you what are the side effects of AC.
Dehydration - Whenever you sit in a room with AC, there is definitely a problem of dehydration with you. This is because the air conditioner draws all the moisture there to make the room cool and dry. Apart from this, due to the cold in the room, we do not drink water again and again. This makes our body dehydrate.
Headache - Sitting in air condition room is also a cause of headache. It is also very likely to cause migraine. The main reason for this is dehydration. The reason for which we have discussed above.
Dry Skin - Sitting in the air-condition room continuously also works to dry your skin. The air conditioner absorbs all the moisture in the room as well as your skin moisture. Due to this colorless and dry skin problems can be revealed.
Allergies - If the air conditioner is not cleaned regularly it may cause allergic reactions. This can lead to problems such as skin infections, allergies, redness, irritation and itching.

Fatigue - Many workers working in air conditioned offices have subsequently complained of fatigue and headache. Apart from this, mucus and respiratory complaints have also been seen in them. Sitting in air-conditioned rooms for long periods also brings problems like cold, cough and flu.