What is Corona Virus ?

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Nishi Tiwari asked 03-Feb-2020 in Health by Nishi Tiwari

Briefly explain about coronavirus with its symptoms and how we protect ourselves from this virus.

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Saddiya  Anwar answered 04-Feb-2020 by Saddiya Anwar
Family of viruses known as corona viruses famous for constituting strains that causes deadly diseases
in mammals and birds. They're typically spread through airborne droplets of fluids produced by infected individuals.
What is Corona Virus ?
A global health emergency has been declared by the World Health Organisation over a new corona virus that took 425 lives in China. WHO says that it causes illness ranging from the common cold to an excessive diseases such as SARS AND MIDDLE EAST RESPIRATORY SYNDROME.
What is Corona Virus ?
What are its symptoms? 
Symptoms like fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties are some major signs of this pathetic virus. In serious cases it lead to pneumonia, SARS, kidney failure and terror of death. 
The incubation period of corona virus is still not known. Some says it could be between 10 and 14 days. 
Though scientists are working on vaccine but warned of massive destruction before 2021. Visitors from China are being checked by doctors and authorities at Indian airports in order as a preventive measures.  
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