what is consumer protection and state its need?

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Saddiya  Anwar asked 29-Jan-2020 in Marketing by Saddiya Anwar

consumer protection is the fundamental need in marketing world.

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Saddiya  Anwar answered 29-Jan-2020 by Saddiya Anwar
The Consumer being the supreme character of a market stays zero in the eyes of the modern marketing circle. Consumer protection arises when the vital goal of an organisation 'social welfare' wins over profit making aim.
Products and services which are manufactured to serve the society's hunger and for the upliftment in their standard of living is ultimately deviating from its real path. Consumer protection is a animadversion to the bifurcation of social welfare with profile making goal.
what is consumer protection and state its need?
In the long course of marketing strategy, its first priority of safeguarding the interests of consumers is now kept under the table. 4Ps (place, production, promotion and price) of marketing mix keeps the consumer welfare as its basis, which fades out in the smoke spread through the monetary yielding mediums. 
Consumer protection is the practice of suing the companies/organisation practicing fraudulent, unfair and deceptive activities in order to safeguard the interest of consumers, privileging them by holding them the right to fight against the exploitation they bear in their quotidian life and granting them the safe conduct of buying and consuming the products and services which in fact is still running at the slowest pace.
what is consumer protection and state its need?
Consumer protection is as necessary as fresh water because without the consumer, there is no use of production and consumption processes, prevailing the protection is as sensitive as skin because without the skin no organs could be covered, promoting the healthy marketing strategies is as prevalent as tissues to bones. Without any solid and stable strategy for the behoof of consumers would be invalid and an unsound mind could deliver injustice similarly sound mind is needed to look after the interests of consumers separating it's material welfare from some monetary gains.
There is no market without any buyer so as to develop the existence of the consumers, one must ponder to promote the consumer protection.

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