What are the benefits of OOPS techniques?

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Shikhar Arora asked 07-Dec-2019 in Technology by Shikhar Arora
 What are the benefits of OOPS techniques

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Sangsaptak Pal answered 17-Jan-2020 by Sangsaptak Pal
OOPS i.e. Object-Oriented Programming System has a lot of advantages over the procedural programming language or the conventional approach by the following:
• Code Reuse and recycling: Objects which are created for the Object-Oriented Programs can be easily reused multiple times in the same or different programming.
Encapsulation: Once the object is created, the knowledge of its implementation is no longer required.
• Design benefits: Object-Oriented programming forces the programmers to go through an extensive planning phase which ultimately causes proper structured code to be written rather than an unstructured program being executed.
Data Hiding: It is very easy to maintain and modify existing code as new objects can be created with only minor differences to the existing ones.
• Data Security: Using proper data hiding and abstraction we can provide the necessary security to the sensitive data.
• Simplicity: The encapsulation and various other approaches can be closely related to the real-life objects or situations which make it very easy for beginners to understand the object oriented program What are the benefits of OOPS techniques?
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