What is Server machine in computer world ?

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What is Server machine in the computer world?

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The server is special computer software(program) or a  device (an advance level hardware configuration) that provides a service to another computer program and its user, also known as the client. Into any data center, the physical computer that a server program runs in is also frequently referred to as a server. Those machines may be a dedicated server or it may be used for other purposes as well.
According to the client/server programming model, the server program awaits and fulfills requests from client programs, which may be running in the same or other computers. The given application in a computer may function as a client with requests for services from other programs and also as a server of requests from other programs.
Here we have made a list of some different types of servers, which are as follows -
  • Webserver
  • Application server
  • proxy server 
  • MailServer
  • virtual server
  • blade server
  • file server
  • policy server

What is Server machine in computer world ?

In Hindi

  • कंप्यूटिंग में, सर्वर एक कंप्यूटर प्रोग्राम या एक डिवाइस है जो अन्य प्रोग्राम या डिवाइस जिन्‍हे “क्लाइंट” कहा जाता है, के लिए फंक्शनलिटी प्रदान करता है।
  • इस आर्किटेक्चर को क्लाइंट-सर्वर मॉडल कहा जाता है, और यह ओवरऑल कम्प्यूटेशन मल्टीपल प्रोसेसेस या डिवाइेसेस पर डिस्ट्रीब्यूट किया जाता हैं।

History of Servers in List

  • 1981 – The IBM VM Machine, पहला लिस्‍टेड सर्वर
  • 1991 – NeXTCube, पहला वेब सर्वर
  • 1994 – ProLiant, first Rack, पहला रैक-माउन्टेबल सर्वर
  • 1998 – Sun Ultra II, पहला Google सर्वर
  • 2001 – RLX Blade, पहला मॉडर्न ब्लेड सर्वर
  • 2008 – PS3 Cluster, GPU के साथ डिस्ट्रिब्यूटेड कंप्यूटिंग
  • 2009/2012 – क्‍लाउड और इसके परे
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Server Machine in Computer World

A server is a computer or system that provides resources, data, services, or programs to other computers, known as clients, over a network. In theory, whenever computers share resources with client machines they are considered servers. Minicomputers were much smaller than mainframe computers, hence the name.

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