What is an MRI scan test for a Human body?

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What is an MRI scan test for a Human body?

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What is an MRI scan test for a Human body?

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scan, which typically takes 15 to 90 minutes. It depends on which part of the body, how much is to be scanned. How many pictures are to be taken

It works on the magnetic field instead of radiation. So it is different from X-ray and CT scan. Where there is hydrogen in the whole body, its spin means that an image is formed. There is 70 percent water in the body, so many problems of the body can be detected by the image made through hydrogen spin. 
If there is an MRI scan in different parts of the body such as brain, knee, spinal cord, wherever there is a soft tissue, then after the image is formed with hydrogen spin, it is detected that there is no problem in those parts of the body. 

Generally, on the day of MRI scan, you can eat and drink and also take medicines. In some cases, it is said to eat up to four hours before the scan so that four hours of fasting can be done. Some people are also asked to drink excessive water. 

On reaching the hospital, the health and medical information of the person to be scanned is sought, so that the medical staff knows whether it is safe to scan or not.

After giving this information, approval is also sought whether you should be scanned or not. Because the MRI scanner produces a powerful magnetic field, there should be no metal object on the body as it enters. These include:

The clock
Jewelry-like necklaces or earrings
Fake teeth that use metal
Listening machine
Wig, because some have metal pieces