Which State has passed the anti-lynching Bill?

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The anti-lynching Bill passed by a state.

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Just Rajasthan and Manipur have passed bills on move to be made against those associated with lynching yet the enactments are yet to get the President's assent.
Association priest of state for home Nityananda Rai said the Center, after a Supreme Court order, has given two warnings to state governments to check occurrences of lynching. 'Incompatibility to the Hon'ble Supreme Court's judgment on July 17, 2018, two warnings - on July 23, 2018, and September 25, 2018, were given to the state governments and association regions organizations for taking measures to check episodes of crowd lynching in the nation,' he said answering to a composed inquiry.
On whether various states have ordered laws, making lynching a non-bailable offense and suggesting life detainment for those engaged with such savagery, the priest said according to data access, two bills regarding the matter passed by state lawmaking bodies of Manipur and Rajasthan are held by the lead representative for the thought of the President have been gotten.
The bills so got are analyzed in the conference with the concerned focal services. The government through general media has likewise produced public attention to check the hazard of lynching.  
The administration has likewise sharpened specialist organizations to find a way to check the proliferation of bogus news and gossipy tidbits having the capacity to actuate horde savagery and lynching.
In its request, the Supreme Court had said the state governments will assign a senior cop, not underneath the position of Superintendent of Police, as nodal official in each area.