Where is the headquarters of MoneyTap ?

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The headquarters of MoneyTap

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MoneyTap is India's first application based credit line. Offered in an organization with driving banks, it isn't only an individual advance, a charge card, yet an individual credit line. In basic words, MoneyTap is obliging the credit needs of white-collar class clients in India. Present in 40+ urban communities, we are giving little medium money advances, brisk credit on versatile, moderate loan costs, and adaptable EMIs.
It is headquartered in Karnataka state's capital and greatest IT park city Bengaluru which has universal notoriety in the tech world.
Established by an enthusiastic pack of IIT/ISB graduate class, MoneyTap plans to make credit open to a huge number of Indians, who make some hard memories getting credit when they need it.
The MoneyTap application process is amazingly shopper well disposed of. We are consistently endeavoring to bring the most consistent and bother free credit understanding to the customers. With no utilization no intrigue highlight, They have likewise made assuming acknowledgment increasingly reasonable.

You just compensation intrigue just on the sum utilized. With the equalization accessible to the client at no expense, for eternity. They invest wholeheartedly in being totally straightforward and don't keep any charges covered up.