City of gold Dubai isn't ?

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Chris Albert asked 29 days ago in Travel & Places by Chris Albert
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I heard many times about Dubai the city of gold just wanted to plan some vacation around UAE, maybe in dubai and abu dhabi what's best pleasure and things to do in city want a good feedback. thanks.
Chris Albert commented 22 days ago by Chris Albert
Hey! What else activities can i perform in desert safari and even other activities in dubai?

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Nabeel Al answered 28 days ago by Nabeel Al

Yes it's amazing rides here in desert safari you can even can't imagine in 4x4 cars they're very speed in desert it's pretty awesome experience to have. Even you can take some good rides of Atlantis the palm, a lot of entertainment options like you can go to the Dubai mall, Mall of the Emirates, etc. and check it more about Desert Safari Dubai you can even avail pretty good offer on it. And yes don't worry about weather usually it's like 30° in whole united arab emirates. 

Hope you'll some pretty info,

Cheers too thanks.

ChrisAlbert commented 28 days ago by ChrisAlbert
Yeah really men? what sort of that desert safari over there umm gotcha that as well.
ChrisAlbert commented 28 days ago by ChrisAlbert
Gotcha!!! it's really fantastic review i got and thanks men for prompt answer i appreciate a lot now i have plan to go there for a short trip yeh. cheers men
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Nabeel Al answered 21 days ago by Nabeel Al

Hello.. Chris hope you are well just not enough about desert there are much more entertainment activities you can perform in Dubai take a tour of city best tourist places like Palm Jumeirah, Even like top level of Burj khalifa with great experiences to watch whole uae from top of world's leading and toppest building just try a bit helicopter rides even it will gives you amazing experiences of travel in air to watch dubai from space, in order to grab most memorable experiences while you are performing Dubai sightseeing gives you amazing time enjoyable.

feel free to ask any guidance. cheers