Who has been appointed the chairman of the "Estimates Committee" of the parliament?

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Rahul Roi asked 01-Aug-2019 in General Knowledge by Rahul Roi

Who has been appointed the chairman of the 'Estimates Committee' of the parliament?

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Anonymous User answered 02-Jul-2020 by Anonymous User
Girish Bapat has been selected the chairman of the 'Estimates Committee' of the parliament. Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla made the arrangement.
Estimates Committee of parliament  is one of the three monetary standing advisory groups of the parliament separated from the open records panel and council on current activities.
The Estimates Committee is a panel of chosen individuals from parliament, established by the Parliament of India (the Lok Sabha), to examine the working of government services and offices as far as use and use of assets.
It additionally recommends elective approaches so as to realize proficiency and economy in organization. It additionally looks at whether the accounts are spread out inside the constraints of the arrangement inferred in the evaluations and furthermore to recommend the structure wherein the assessments will be introduced to Parliament.
This board of trustees alongside the Public Accounts Committee(PAC) and Committee on Public Undertakings (COPU) is the three finance related standing panels of the Parliament of India.