Who is the author of the book 'India Remembered'?

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Who is the author of the book 'India Remembered'? 

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“India Remembered” was written by the wife of the last Viceroy of India “Pamela Carmen Louise Mountbatten”. The book is based over the period of India and Pakistan Partition period and the last British Viceroy of India, Lord Mountbatten.

Who is the author of the book India Remembered

As, Lord Mountbatten was made to hand over the country to India and Pakistan, in a period of one year. However, he worked together with Pt. Nehru, Gandhi, and the Muslim League Leader Mohammad Ali Jinnah, to plan the partition of the country into two Independent Countries i.e. India and Pakistan. The book includes numerous images which include trips to stay in Calcutta, Madras, Bombay, Orissa, Assam, and other exotic places. The book also includes the pictures of Edwina and Pt. Nehru walking arm in arm in the Courtyard, and many other pictures of the stay as well. As the images represent that her mother Countess Mountbatten of Burma and Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru was deeply in love, however, the relationship among them has remained under platonic.

Lady Pamela Mountbatten is a British Aristocrat, born on April 19, 1929. She was born in Barcelona, Spain. She is the great-great-grandchild of Queen Victoria. She was the Corps Commandant of the Girl’s Nautical Training Corps from 1952 to 1959. In 2007, she published all her experiences of India and India Partition as a memoir days of her in New Delhi and Shimla. Then she comes up with the memoir names ‘India Remembered: A Personal Account of the Mountbattens During the Transfer of the Power’.
Later, in 2012, she comes up with the second part of her memoir namely, ‘Daughter of Empire: Life as a Mountbatten’. Since 1991, she has been the Director of ‘H Securities Unlimited’, fund management and brokerage firm, the former Director of ‘Cottesmore Farms’. In the year 2016, she also worked as an actor in the first season of “The Crown”.