The book " The Vijay Mallya Story " has been written by?

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The book ' The Vijay Mallya Story ' has been written by?

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The Vijay Mallya Story authored by K Giriprakash was published by Penguin Books Limited in 2014. K. Giriprakash is the Chief of Bureau, The Hindu Business Line.
The book is a charming story of the life of Vijay Mallya, an Indian industrialist with a background marked by weighty achievement. The book tells about even the lesser known realities and stories from the expert occasions of Mallya's life.
The creation of this mechanical head honcho, his example of overcoming adversity, the account of his decrease with the defeat of Kingfisher, and a lot of significant occasions from his life are introduced in the book.
The book additionally tells about the different names by which Vijay Mallya alluded. These incorporate the King of Good Times, The Liquor King of India, and King of Good Thrones. The book additionally presents the insights regarding his quality in the Rajya Sabha (or the Upper House) of the Indian Parliament, his responsibility for group Royal Challengers, Bangalore, and numerous other expert jobs which he did.
The book not only incorporates the expert existence of Mallya, yet additionally of his youth occasions, the business keenness he was brought into the world with, and how he imparted his relationship to his dad. The book clarifies how his aptitudes and the business-managing capacities got him a significant stretch of unrivaled achievement, while the fall of Kingfisher has been a break in his rule.