how to delete Instagram account

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DILIP SINGH asked 18-Mar-2019 in General Knowledge by DILIP SINGH

how to delete an Instagram account

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Harshal Vispute answered 17 days ago by Harshal Vispute
To delete your account temporary: 

  • If your account is deactivated, you can re-register with the same username or add it to another account as long as it hasn't been claimed by another Instagram user.

  • We are unable to remove your account for security reasons. You must be able to log into your account in order to request deletion. See some logging-in advice if you can't remember your password or username.

  • Remember that if your account is suspended for violating the Community Guidelines, you may not be able to re-register with the same username.

To have your account permanently deleted, please contact at:

  • Before you delete your Instagram account, you should log in and download a copy of your data (such as your photographs and posts). You won't be able to use Instagram's Data Download function if your account has been terminated.

  • From a mobile browser or a computer, go to the Delete Your Account page. If you aren't already logged into Instagram on the web, you will be prompted to do so. You can't remove your Instagram account from within the program.

  • Why are you deleting your account? Select an option from the dropdown menu. and then type in your password again. After you've chosen a reason from the menu, you'll have the option to permanently delete your account.

  • Delete [username] by clicking or tapping it.