Who is the writer of the ‘Kalpasutra’?

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UTKARSHA SINGHROUL asked 10-Mar-2019 in History, Politics & Society by UTKARSHA SINGHROUL

The Kalpa Sūtra is a Jain text containing the biographies of the Jain Tirthankaras.

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DILIP SINGH answered 13-Mar-2019 by DILIP SINGH

Who is the writer of the ‘Kalpasutra’?

The Kalpasutra is written by "Bhadrabahu". The Kalpasutra is a Jain text containing the biographies of the Jain Tirthankaras, most notably Parshvanath and Mahavira, including the latter’s Nirvana.
Within the six sections of the faith literary corpus happiness to the Svetambara faculty, it's classed in a concert of the Cheda Sūtras. This Sanskrit literature contains elaborate life histories and, from the mid-15th century, was oft illustrated with miniature painting. The oldest extant copies area unit written on paper in western Asian nation (India) within the fourteenth century. Kalpasutra is ascribed to Bhadrabahu, historically aforesaid to own composed it some a hundred and fifty years when the Nirvāṇa (death) of Mahavira. It was compiled most likely throughout the reign of Dhruvasena, 980 or 993 years when the Nirvana of Mahavira.

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