Which bank FD calculator is the best?

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Anuj Pandey asked 06-Feb-2019 in Finance by Anuj Pandey

Which bank FD calculator is the best? Kindly explain

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Aman Khanna answered 06-Feb-2019 by Aman Khanna
Most of the financial institutions offer FD calculators to their customers. But only a few stand out to be defined as the best FD calculator, which is a result of substantial investment in its design. Here are some things that can tell one if the calculator is a good one or not. 

1. Saves time: The best FD calculator is the one which provides quick results to save the users time. 
2. User-friendly: The FD calculator must be simple, user-friendly and should not incorporate all the technicalities involved in the calculation. 
3. Accurate results: A good FD calculator must display accurate results within a second. It should display major parameters such as the invested principal, maturity amount, and the interest earned. 

Certain financial institutions such as Bajaj Finserv offer all these qualities in their FD calculator. One the right investment scheme is found for a particular principal amount, get in touch with the financial institution to open an FD account.