What is BIEN concept ?

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A basic income is a periodic cash payment unconditionally delivered to all on an individual basis, without means test or work requirement.

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The full form of BIEN is ‘Basic Income Earth Network’. BIEN is a basic income, which is paid in the form of Cash to all but on an individual basis at a regular interval, and it doesn’t require any work in return from the beneficiary. This concept is introduced in 1986, in front of the world. Many developed countries implemented this concept to help their citizens. The support from the government has alleviated the life of farmers as well as poor, it improves the education ratio in the country. The initiative improved the living standard of people in the countries who opted this concept.  

What is BIEN concept ?
Now, the Indian Government is also looking forward to adopting this concept to minimize the ratio of poverty in India and provide help to all those poor who have been deprived of the basic facility and other things. It’s been a very convenient way to tackle the problem of unemployment, farmer’s loan, educational support, and many more, which very earlier taken into account many different schemes by the government. Due to a huge population and unable to reach remote areas, the government is looking for this idea. Currently, the idea is in the experimental phase and expected to be firstly implemented in the Assam State. 
The government initiated this idea after being on the losing side in the State Elections in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and other states. The analysis over loss states that the reach to poor people was low and the farmer’s loan was the biggest reason for their loss. So, the government doesn’t want to skip any chance to attract more voters to their side. As the BIEN concept includes every individual whether it is rich or poor. The government provides specific monetary support to all at a specified time interval. The amount will be transferred directly to their bank accounts. This financial support will help poor people to do their work smoothly and fulfill their basic needs.
What is BIEN concept ?
BIEN organizes public conferences and debate session around the world annually, in which empirical research and new ideas were discussed between the participants. This public debate or conference is going to be organized in India as well, the interested participants who are having any suggestion or ideas can participate in the debate. For the participation, you just require to register yourself for the debate. The debate will be conducted in Hyderabad in India from August 22, 2019, to August 25, 2019. For further details and registration follow this link: CLICK HERE

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