How to enable Wi-Fi on your iPhone 8 Plus

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How to enable Wi-Fi on your iPhone 8 Plus

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Hitesh Vohra answered 31-Dec-2021 by Hitesh Vohra
There are several methods to go to your iPhone's Wi-Fi settings. The Control Center or Settings menu on your iPhone may be used to access and adjust these settings.

Slide your finger up from the bottom of any screen to access Wi-Fi via the Control Center. This will bring up the Control Center. Toggle Wi-Fi on or off by finding the Wi-Fi symbol in the Control Center and tapping it. In this situation, you'll need to toggle the Wi-Fi symbol on your iPhone 8 to enable and use Wi-Fi access.

Alternatively, you may activate, scan, connect or join a Wi-Fi network on your iPhone by going to the Settings menu. Here's how to do it:

  1. Go to the main menu and select 'Home.'
  2. To adjust preferences, tap Settings to enter the Settings menu.
  3. To set up a wireless network, tap Wi-Fi.
  4. Toggle the Wi-Fi slider to the On position to enable the feature. This will allow your iPhone to scan for available Wi-Fi networks to connect to automatically.
  5. To connect to your favorite wifi network, scroll to and tap.
  6. Enter the proper password if required.
  7. Join by using the Join button.
Wait until your iPhone connects to the network successfully. If you see a blue checkmark next to the network name and the Wi-Fi signal strength indicator in the upper-left corner of your iPhone screen is active, you've successfully connected the network. To test your Internet connection, open a browser and go to a website.