What is your greatest weakness?

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Saddiya  Anwar answered 23-Jan-2020 by Saddiya Anwar
One corner of life where our hearts melts down and tears roll down is termed as our weakness. Rarely we mention our weaknesses in public but a strong connection is maintained with it. There are lots of weaknesses which surrounds every individual. It reflects an emotional string of a human being.
Weaknesses are tricky to converse so you need to be careful when sharing it with anyone. It is suggested to explore it soon but not to expose it in public. Because anyone can missuse it in order to hurt your feelings or ruin your life.
What is your greatest weakness?
There are some examples of loud weaknesses :
  • Being too honest
  • Patience
  • Keeping your heart in public
  • Taking too many risks
  • Being too sensitive
  • Frequently having trust on people
  • Talking too much
  • Inflexible
  • self criticism
  • insecure
It also falls in lives according to an age groups. For an instance: Teens have trust issues. Their growth is effected by neglecting the realities and virtual beliefs that anyone who stops them is their enemy or anyone who acts amiable and supports them in wrong decisions becomes their best friend. This gives rise to weakness of observation power, realisation and trusting issues. One's family member or friend can also be a weakness due to soft connection between them. A soft connection with any person led us to think about him in deep and usually we feel pain or anger pondering over his or her role in our lives.  
My greatest weakness is my mother's health - my heart comes to mouth whenever I feel something unusual about her health. Though it is suggested to think less about the weaknesses in order to stay mentally strong but sometimes we fail to do so.

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