What is your greatest strength?

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Saddiya  Anwar answered 22-Jan-2020 by Saddiya Anwar

Anything which strike down your negative thoughts can be referred as your strength. Whenever we find ourselves in agony we quest for some weapon which can fight with the negativity oozing out of the brain. One strength is a backbone of the hardships we face in our lives.

Strength can be anything-writings, paintings, creativity or anyone-mother, father, beloved, or a book, nature, music or our will power and all those potencies which helps the individual in conquering the difficulties, struggles and negativities and completely supports us to achieve certain goals.
What is your greatest strength?
Characteristics of greater strength :
It is strong enough to combat with the weaknesses.
It is able to provide you relaxation in hard times.
It is flexible to meet the variations in problems.
It empowers the people with best of motivation.
It is always in mind.
It is reliable.
It can be immortal.
I consider writing to be my greatest strength because it is the most reliable thing on which I have a blind faith. It doesn't own any location for I can call it whenever I am in need of enquiring or answering something. It doesn't have time limitation, I can write anytime and anywhere. It relaxes the mind efficiently and effectively. It provides me an inner motivation as it inspires me to embrace all the unknown struggles which can be scribbled on in my diary to become a successful book. I find it to be immortal because one day I will stop breathing but it will be breathing my life for a lifetime.
It always encourages me to participate and contribute my efforts and skills in any field of life. My strength is my bestfriend - no terms and conditions and it always have my back.

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